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About Us

Venture first hit the road around Ireland with a local Dublin band many moons ago, since Venture has grown into a small team who pour their blood, sweat and tears into curating the best shows possible! Some Irish highlights include, a sell-out show for Japanese instrumental-rock band Toe, a pummeling of heft from US heavyweights Norma Jean, pure rawness from Boston hardcore legends Defeater, an emotional journey through mathy time signatures with UKs TTNG and a sold-out high, octane comedic series of life lessons in musical format by Irish heroes The RubberBandits.

In the last few months Venture has left the Emerald Isle and has decided to take on the world! We now have routing in America, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom. We're now friends an affiliations with many venues throughout the globe, with notable sell-out shows for Binkbeats in California and The RubberBandits and the Blindboy Podcast across Canada, and here's to many more...

Venture has also leant its ear to the curation of many festival line ups such as Electric Picnic, Body & Soul, Knockanstockan, BD, Fuinneamh and Oktoberfest. These line-ups included everything from the freshest up and coming local talent to bigger names such as King Kong Company, Overhead The Albatross, Kormac, Daithi and even folk legend Paddy Casey.

Venture curated Ireland's first Alternative Music & Arts Festival known as YS Festival. Bringing an array of Circus, Burlesque and Body Suspension performances, combined with a mix of heavy and alternative music over multiple stages. YS was a full-on experience, the likes of which Ireland had not seen before.

As you can probably tell, we've never been genre-specific or found ourselves confined to just the music, we can be rather pernickety about what goes under our umbrella. From the opening act to the venue, through to its decor and the visuals, we’d like to think Venture hosts the best in left-field and alternative music in the perfect and sometimes quite the unusual locations.

We love what we do and what we do is a lot of hard and tiresome work, whether its paring Irish and International acts together and setting them out on the road, running a band’s album launch who we’ve worked closely with, debuting an international act no-one else dared to bring over to our Emerald Isle or running a unique festival, there’s a moment at every show when everything is in complete unison and that, is when we know it’s all been worth it.

And now to take on the world,

See you on the road.